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Manufacturer: Carrier Secondary Heat Exchanger Specifications Model Number: 350MAV036080ADKA Serial Number: 4096A01301 Replaces Part Number: 334357-755 XNCF-Quinn and Sweeny-RR Original-Updated MarMMXV
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The secondary heat exchanger carries a 20-year labor limited warranty. Ask your Carrier dealer about optional extended warranties, which may include labor. Warranty period is a 5-year on parts and 20-year on heat exchangers if not registered within 90 days.
varies with furnace model. Vent outlet. Uses PVC pipe to carry flue gas from the furnace’s combustion system (right or left side). Inducer motor. Pulls hot flue gases through the heat exchangers, maintaining negative pressure for added safety. Blower access panel safety interlock switch. Air filter and retainer (location in furnace may vary). 15-year limited Heat Exchanger Warranty, 5-year parts warranty, 1-year labor warranty for Residential applications; 5-year limited Heat Exchanger Warranty, 5-year parts warranty, 1-year labor warranty for Commercial applications; Commercial Grade Copper Heat Exchanger; Ultra-Low NOx emissions; Convertible from Natural Gas to Liquid Propane
CE gives you the ability to view warranty information and quickly submit claims online to ServiceBench - without ever leaving the CE website. With this tool, you perform warranty tasks when it's convenient for you, avoiding any wait times during our busiest season. The GT-540-PIH is well suited for residential/ commercial applications such as small restaurants and beauty salons. Complies with Ultra-Low NOx regulations. Utilizing HRS35 copper alloy for the heat exchanger tubing, the T-H3 is also suitable for heavier residential usages such as space heating or domestic recirculation systems. These Carrier secondary heat exchangers do crack and one of the consequences is carbon monoxide leakage. Our carbon monoxide detector reads 0 when placed adjacent to the furnace while operating. MY QUESTION
Dec 22, 2010 · Model number on the furnace? Any general photos of the furnace we can see? I would get a second opinion. There are airflow tweeks depending on the model that you have and as mentioned below its possible that you have a restricted secondary heat exchanger if you have a 59 series furnace. Secondary heat exchanger condenser coil constructed of aluminum fins fitted to stainless steel tubes. Coil is factory tested for leaks. Condensate drain header box assembly located on front of coil. Compact size of complete heat exchanger assembly permits low overall design of furnace cabinet. All components mounted in a heavy-gauge steel frame.
Heat Transfer Products Elite 150,000 BTU Gas Boiler, stainless steel water tube heat exchanger. Brand new in box. Unit currently set up for natural gas but comes with conversion kit for propane. Included with boiler is a full set of replacement parts, control board, gas valve, blower, igniter, flame sensor. Mar 27, 2018 · It’s all about the heat exchanger. What Is a Heat Exchanger in HVAC? A heat exchanger is a device that transfers thermal energy from one medium to another. [2] Heat exchangers not only assist in the cooling and heating of homes and buildings, but also help machines and engines work more efficiently. [3] Here are some examples of the types of ...
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